Additional Projects

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Consumer devices

In several projects I have designed and specified consumer electronic devices. This usually covers hardware, software, network protocols, and the user-interface.

Humax PVR 9700

Design and specification for this video recorder of German Pay-TV provider Premiere especially covered concepts and technologies for recording, parental control, digital rights management, and multi-stream selection.

In the specification I ensured that all legal, functional and quality requirements of the Pay-TV provider have been met, but also that there is enough space for the manufacturers to find unique selling positions.

Generic DVB-C receiver

On behalf of a testing company I developed a generic specification for DVB-C receiver. This covered for instance management of TV programme data, conditional access, and installation processes.

I structured the specification and developed the requirements in such a way that a wide range of device models were covered but that also most of the test cases could be reused.

Kabel BW receiver hardware

This specification for a cable operator comprised all hardware requirements on DVB-C receivers including A/V decoders, de-multiplexers, and technical interfaces.


Test Suites

In several projects I have developed test suites for devices, services or technical components. This includes test strategy, test environment, and the actual test cases.

HD+ Smart TV

This was a test suite for a platform for interactive applications on TVs. I specified the following:

  • DVB test streams including A/V, broadcast applications, and synchronization events
  • HbbTV test applications
  • Expert Walkthrough
  • All test cases (e.g. for Autostart, synchronization, cookies, media formats, and content integrity)

NDS Pay-TV receiver

This was a test suite for receivers of the Pay-TV provider Premiere. I did the following:

  • Description of the certification process
  • Modularization of test areas
  • Development of test cases for specific features such as parental control, multi-stream, and receiver setup menu


This was a test suite for an HTML browser of a set-top box.


Protocols and Technology sets

In several projects I evaluated and profiled protocols and technology sets. The goal in such projects is usually to find new business opportunities, to identify risks, and to optimize the usage of the technology.

DSMCC Object Carousel

In this project I developed a guideline to improve usability and performance of applications which are transported over a broadcast channel using the DSM-CC object carousel protocol. My design led to the following advantages:

  • Decrease cost for development and testing through reduction of complexity
  • Minimize interoperability issues through provision of an easy-to-read manual
  • Enhance performance through coordinated concepts such as modularization, caching, and persistence of transferred data


In this project I evaluated the technical specification of the new streaming format MPEG DASH. This led to a list of potential features and business opportunities for my client. An additional result of the project was a simplified profile which reduces cost and interoperability issues but still supports all identified features.

Smart TV Alliance

My client considered providing its services not only over HbbTV but also on the platform of the Smart TV Alliance. For this I estimated the required work and identified risks, interoperability problems, legal issues, and conceptual differences.


Project coaching

In several smaller projects I provided consulting and project coaching services.

Cradle: Requirements management for a Multi-Screen project

Multi-Screen was a multilayer product which requires the integration of viewpoints of several different levels such as usage scenarios, business models, purchase models, digital rights management, transport protocols, and devices. This complexity required the introduction of a requirements management tool.

As main requirements on the tool I identified high flexibility, distributed access, automatic generation of text documents, and reasonable cost. The chosen tool was Cradle by ThreeSL. I especially did the following as part of my consulting services:

  • Mapping of internal processes and structures on the features of the tool
  • Development of the Cradle data items and relations required for the Multi-Screen project
  • Training for employees

Smart TV application manual

On behalf of a network and service provider I wrote this manual to consult developers of applications for Video on Demand content via TV sets.

  • User interface design for TV sets
  • Purchase methods for Video on Demand
  • Interaction between application and device

MECI-TV: Non-linear stories on TV

In this research project of the European Union I consulted the project leader in regards to non-linear story-telling on TV. I developed an interactive concept and provided a feasibility study for broadcast environments and the Multimedia Home Platform.