Harald Molina-Tillmann


I am an interdisciplinary System Designer having an extensive background in engineering, software, psychology and the liberal arts. I specialize in Systems Engineering and Jungian Depth Psychology.

Please contact me for a detailed resume.


Personal background

Occupational history

I started my career in 1999 as software engineer for consumer electronics at the Kirch-Gruppe in Munich.

Since 2001 I have worked as a self-employed System Designer and Consultant for various German and global market leaders.

International experience

Germany, France, Korea, United Kingdom, Austria and multi-international projects

Highest achieved degree

Master of Science in Computer Science


  • Dortmund University: Software technology, Multimedia systems, Television engineering
  • Academy of Media Arts Cologne: Virtual reality systems for movie production
  • Odermatt University, Lucerne: Philosophical psychology
  • C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich: Depth psychology


Major tools used in past projects

Enterprise Architect (by Sparx Systems)
No Magic’s Cameo Systems Modeler
IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody (Rational Rhapsody)
Cradle (by 3SL)
Polarion REQUIREMENTS (by Siemens)
Confluence (by ATLASSIAN)
Corel PaintShop Pro
Microsoft Word


Some of my clients

Nagra France
Techno Trend
FH Salzburg
Kirch PayTV


Active member of

International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority (ISPDI)
Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks e.V. (FKF)


My Portfolio and its Advantages for the Client

I offer my services for short-term or long-term projects, and also on an ongoing consulting basis. In all cases I guarantee high flexibility for the client’s wishes.

Reliable calculation for short-term projects

For projects from one day up to a few weeks I offer all-inclusive packages which allows for reliable project planning and a set cost calculation for the client.

A package is individually composed and agreed upon with the client. It usually includes a prototype, 2-3 versions of the deliveries, and after-sales support, so that the client does not run any risk and will get the desired System Design on time.

Saving costs for long-term projects

  • Guaranteed availability throughout the project from idea inception through to market introduction
  • Integrated quality improvement through pro-active process design and product reviews
  • Minimizing the client’s expenses by flexible adaptation of the workload to the current situation of the project

Experience has shown that on average only 50% or less of the time is required for me to fulfill typical System Design tasks. These savings then go directly into the client’s pocket.

Flexibility for ongoing consulting

Multimedia is a fast moving business. The goals and tasks of projects often cannot be fully defined at the beginning of the work. For these cases I can offer ongoing consulting in the spirit of Agile Development. The client can then easily access consulting and design services depending on the current project situation.


Working style

My consultancy and development services are:

  • Proactive
  • Result-oriented
  • Flexible to the client’s wishes
  • High-quality
  • At a pace faster than estimated
  • As thorough as necessary and as cost-conscious as needed




My standard hourly rate for long-term projects and for ongoing consulting is 102,- €.

For short-term projects I alternatively offer all-inclusive flat rates based on the expected workload and the requested deliveries. Please contact me for an individual offer.

Reduced rates

I offer reduced rates for start-ups, small companies and research projects. Please contact me to discuss any individual agreement.


There are no additional or hidden costs for the client. I bear all travel costs and all other expenses.