Project: High Security Network

Use case analysis, concept design and architecture development for a national high security network


High Security Network

The goal of this extensive research project was to design a system that combines the comfort of modern global communication networks with security concepts which can ward off different types of cyberattacks.
The first step was the use case analysis. This included the concepts, modeling and documentation for use cases on a wide range of topics:

  • Distribution of cryptographic codes
  • Management of cryptographic devices
  • Auditing
  • Software upgrades
  • Emergency scenarios

The result of the second step was the system architecture.

  • Network structure
  • Functional architecture
  • Data structures
  • Data flow

In the third step, potential cyberattacks have been investigated and potential hardware and software solutions have been developed, e.g.:

  • Trusted Computing
  • User authentication
  • Emission security
  • Environmental resistance
  • Redundancy
  • Ergonomics

My work also included the conception and wireframing of the user interface.