Project: Lidar Sensors

System design and SysML modeling of a 3D laser scanning system for autonomous driving


Lidar Sensors

Besides a distributed hardware and software architecture, the Lidar system includes mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and optical subsystems. On behalf of a global automotive supplier, I developed a SysML model that included all these systems and their dependencies. In addition, I integrated the product point of view, security relevance and system specification elements. The main tasks were:

  • Modeling of the relevant features and functionalities of a Lidar system
    • Pixel provision
    • Object detection
    • Automatic adjustment
    • Cleaning
    • Heating
    • Error handling
    • Safety modes
    • Communication
    • Maintenance
  • Modeling of the structural architecture of a Lidar system
    • Laser
    • Optics
    • Power supply
    • Connectivity
    • Water system
    • Electrical heating system
    • Adjustment driver system
    • Housing
    • Hardware components
    • Software components
  • Development of a SysML profile
  • Detection and management of open issues
  • Inclusion of stakeholder requirements and traceability
  • Integration of MBSE methods in the company processes
  • Provision of model driven specifications