Project: Pump Models

Design and development of a SysML model of the functionalities of wet rotor circulator pumps


Pump Models

My client was a global leader in the development of pumps. The company had a large group of experienced mechanical, hardware and software engineers at its disposal. However, nobody was assigned responsibility for taking care of the systemwide interdependencies, which had led to problems in the past. As the solution I introduced a functional architecture, independent of the technical components and independent of the departments. This had the following advantages:

  • Implicit introduction of interdisciplinary thinking by assigning responsibilities for systemwide functionalities
  • Traceability of dependencies between components and departments
  • Direct reflection of the features as requested by product management
  • Reasonable foundation for the development of system tests

My work especially included the following tasks:

  • Development of a concept for interdisciplinary SysML modelling of pumps (Software, Hardware and Mechanics)
  • Modelling of all relevant aspects of pumps: Hydraulic control modes, Physical values, Operational limitations, Failures, Drive, Double pumps, State machine, Special features, Statistics, Connectivity, Human machine interface
  • Transfer of the model towards the system specification
  • Implementation of the model in the company structure and its development processes