Project: Multiscreen

Design and specification of a solution for distribution of encrypted TV content in the home network to stationary and mobile devices



In this multilateral project I designed and specified a solution for the distribution of encrypted TV content in the home network to mobile and stationary consumer devices. Some of the topics which had to to be designed for this complex project were:

  • Features, scenarios, use cases and business models for Multiscreen
  • Plug and play concept for easy and anonymous usage
  • Distributed system architecture
  • C API for server device
  • C API for client applications
  • Energy saving concept
  • Hardware resource conflict management
  • Home network management using UPnP and SAT>IP
  • Protocol for transmission of Transcoding and DRM data
  • Digital Rights Management for in-house distribution
  • Reference server device

My work included the following additional tasks:

  • Extensive specification of the system
  • Definition of a reference product
  • Liaison with manufacturer and middleware provider
  • Concept development for end-to-end testing


Remote control solution

On behalf of several European satellite network operators I designed and specified a complementary module which allows portable devices to control stationary devices in the home network. I did the design in such a way that the platform covers a wide range of use cases, includes all popular portable devices, and allows for the implementation of an attractive user interface.
I performed the following tasks in particular:

  • Development of an HTTP API for all features such as content management, video on demand, subscriber management, and simulation of a classic remote control unit
  • Development of a solution which covers both single-person households and multi-person households
  • Integration of server and client authentication to protect the platform against unauthorized access
  • Provision of feature and UI guidelines for developers of mobile apps
  • Specification of the entire platform
  • Programming a test application and testing implementations of the platform on receivers