Project: Elevator Safety

Requirements engineering for functional safety of a multi-directional elevator system


Elevator Safety

The development of a multi-directional elevator system breaks the design limitations of a classic vertically moving elevator. It opens up a wealth of new possibilities for creative architects of multi-level buildings. In return such an innovative system also requires a custom solution that ensures functional safety for passengers and operators. In this project, I developed and managed the requirements of functional safety, in particular as all-embracing and formally correct basis for the future development of test cases.

  • Translation of identified hazards into requirements of functional safety modules according to IEC 61508
  • Requirements engineering for communication between the safety system and the “non-safe” elevator control system
  • Inline documentation of the hazards and their related safety concepts
  • Development and authoring of applied requirements management concepts
  • Identification of inconsistencies and gaps of the system model
  • Conceptual review of specifications for network nodes, sensors, braking system and propulsion system
  • Coverage of all relations in SysML activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and state machines
  • Implementation of classic criteria of requirements engineering such as completeness, conceptual consistency, formal consistency, intelligibility and testability