Harald Molina-Tillmann - System Designer for InteractiveTelevision and Embedded Multimedia

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My services:

  • Conception and System planning
  • Requirements engineering
  • Specifications
  • System test and evaluation
  • Project coaching

My areas of application:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Platforms for interactive TV
  • Video-on-Demand systems
  • Home network devices
  • Applications for Infotainment & Entertainment
  • On-site Multimedia systems (POS/POI)
  • Cross-media content and formats

My research area:

  • Archetypal structures in modern systems
  • Unconscious processes in creative system development
  • User modelling with typologies
  • Transdisciplinary system design for multifaceted media systems

My projects:

  • HbbTV (ITV platform)
  • Premiere DIREKT+ (Push-VoD)
  • ARD-Mediathek (Pull VoD)
  • Humax 9700 (PVR)
  • Formula-1 Interactive (Sports application)
  • HD Plus Interaktiv (VoD and Multiscreen)
  • Two semester series of lectures and seminars
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