Harald Molina-Tillmann

System Design for Amusement Parks

In my series of published articles I examine how innovative methods of system design and depth psychology can be used to increase the quality of amusement parks and their attractions.

Amusement Parks


- Legends -

- Symbols -

- Themes -

The Dutch amusement park Efteling uses legends, symbols and themes for the design of attractions. The highlight is the Flying Dutchman, a combination of ghost train, roller coaster and water ride. The design of the ride matches classical drama theory.

German version: “Einblicke und Tiefblicke aus Efteling”

English version: “Inside and insight into Efteling”

Amusement Parks


- Snapshots -

- Engineering -

- Color & Form -

The amusement park in G├╝nzburg is based on of the famous Lego brick. It uses the design elements Colour&Form, Construction and Snapshot to intensify the inner experience. The park provides emotional moments, pure arts and inspiration for children who would like to be the engineers of the future.

German version: “Einblicke und Tiefblicke aus dem Legoland”

English version: “Inside and insight into Legoland”

Amusement Parks

Knott's Berry Farm

- History -

- Authenticity -

- Family-

The Knott’s Berry Farm in California competes against the famous Disneyland with an interesting concept. Instead of the usual elements illusion, fantasy and high-tech it uses the opposites: History, tradition and authenticity.

German version: “Einblicke und Tiefblicke aus der Knott’s Berry Farm”

English version: “Inside and insight into Knott’s Berry Farm”